Program Policies: All Courses

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By registering for the SPU SHRM Learning Systemâ„¢ Program, offered in cooperation with Seattle Research Partners, Inc., all learners are subject to the program policies described on this page and this linked document (2014 revision pending).

By submitting a registration, you accept and agree with these policies.

Course Payment

Full tuition is due seven (7) days prior to the first scheduled day of class, unless other arrangements have been made and agreed to by Seattle Research Partners, Inc. in writing. Exceptions to this policy are at the sole discretion of Seattle Research Partners, Inc. All exceptions will be treated consistently for each learner.

An administrative charge may be applied for learners using payment means other than the standard online payment options.


Seattle Research Partners, Inc. respects and upholds the privacy of all learners. All learner contact, payment, and course performance information is confidential and will not be provided to any other agency, individual, learner, or organization unless we are legally required to do so or unless any of the following apply:

  1. Tuition Assistance: Employers who sponsor tuition payments may require Seattle Research Partners, Inc. to verify course payment, attendance and participation as a provision of the tuition assistance program. Seattle Research Partners, Inc. will provide information if it is requested in writing on official corporate letterhead.
  2. Partnerships: From time to time, Seattle Pacific University may wish to audit our program and in the course of that audit require us to provide them the names of our learners. Only names will be shared with SPU.
  3. Learner Release: Any learner may authorize the release of their personal contact information provided at registration in writing to the Seattle Research Partners, Inc. expressly releasing their information to any and/or specific parties.
  4. Seattle Research Partners, Inc. reserves the right to use learning contact information for direct and indirect recruiting, surveys, and other information sharing. Learners who register for this program understand and accept that they may be contacted by the Seattle Research Partners, Inc. at any point in the future regarding participation in this program or other programs. Learners who do not wish to be contacted by Seattle Research Partners, Inc. post course participation must submit a written request to that effect via US Mail to Seattle Research Partners, Inc.
  5. Seattle Research Partners, Inc. will never sell learner information to any group, party, individual, agency, or provider unless approved in writing by the learner.


All Professional Certification courses are offered by Seattle Research Partners, Inc. in collaboration with Seattle Pacific University (SPU). SPU has reviewed and approved the curriculum for these courses and the curriculum vitae of the instructors. However, except where students register for the issuance of continuing education credit, certificates of completion will be issued solely by Seattle Research Partners, Inc. and/or SHRM.

Students in these courses will not be SPU students unless otherwise approved as part of a graduate credit course. Students who elect to register for continuing education credit will be issued credits by SRP upon successful completion of the course. Learners should read their course syllabus in-full to understand completion requirements.

Tuition payments must be paid directly to Seattle Research Partners, Inc. unless otherwise established in writing.

All courses are subject to final approval by the SPU and Seattle Research Partners, Inc. at their sole discretion. Any course may be canceled without notice. In such case, all deposits or tuition will be returned to participants for tuition.

Courses are scheduled to run for 10 consecutive weeks, unless interrupted by a legally recognized holiday. The course start date is defined as 6 pm on the day of class selected via registraion by the student.   Refunds for canceled participation after the class start date are based upon SPU policy.

In the event a learner must postpone participation, written request to postpone must be sent to Seattle Research Partners, Inc. prior to the 3 week of class (see above definition.) By postponing students elect to use a one-time audit. All audits must be approved by email to avoid future payments.

Seattle Research Partners, Inc. reserves to right to work with each learner in their unique situation to accommodate illness, sickness, or life-events that impact the ability to participate in a program; SRP, Inc. reserves the right to remove learners for failure to pay tuition, violation of SPU student policies, or reasons that are deemed harmful, dangerous, or distracting to the successful program completion of SRP course participants.

Participation & Tuition

Tuition & Discounts: all discounts, scholarships, or grants are applied to the cost of tuition only. Seattle Research Partners, Inc., has sole discretion over issuing discounts, scholarships, or grants. To be eligible, payment in-full is required prior to the start of the program.  Participants obtaining credit through Seattle Pacific University will pay the full rate for the School of Business tuition as posted by SPU in the year of their current participation. In some cases, SPU may reserve the right to have corporate rates provided to learners completing courses for credit through SPU.

Tuition rates do not include material. In some cases, material may be contributed to learners. In such cases, learners who withdraw from the course prior to two weeks after the program term start (the date of the first scheduled class based on a annual calendar year) will be responsible for the full retail value as set by the publisher for contributed material. Material is not provided unless otherwise advertised and indicated in writing to a learner directly from SRP. Discounts, rates, or incorrect publication of current prices promoted by agencies other than SRP are errors by such organization. SRP attempts to ensure accurate reflection of prices by vendors and affiliates supporting Seattle Research Partners, Inc.. All learners are consider audit learners in SPU courses and will not receive credits or certificates from SPU unless otherwise indicated by either organization. Costs for tuition are based on SBE rates and/or corporate rates for learner participation.