About Us

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Seattle Research Partners is an outgrowth of our passion for helping others learn the value of approaching all business situations and challenges from a strategic and critical perspective to achieve excellence.

We live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, but we are a virtual organization which enables us to conduct business anywhere in the world, depending on the needs of our clients.

We provide a strong link between real world business experiences and academic theory. The business expertise and technical solutions we offer are designed to fundamentally alter organizational thinking and practices in ways that optimize the whole organization.

Our strength lies in the diverse nature of our management, leadership and educational experiences and the quality of our strategic business advisors. Drawing from a variety of industries and professions including: manufacturing, public sector, health care, operations, education, human resources, and sales, we offer our clients a wealth of expertise and varied perspectives.

We take pride that our business is built primarily on referrals from our clients and our strategic business advisors. We strive to provide high quality, customized service that is predicated in authenticity, trust and reliability.